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PHARMISION WOMS is a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant pharma warehouse automation solution that takes a unique application-driven approach to capture data at every stage of warehouse operations. It ensures sequence control in workflow and keeps stakeholders informed of all stages in the form of reports and logs. PHARMISION WOMS covers all aspects of operations from gate entry to dispatch.

This warehouse management system for pharma allows you to capture live data as operations are carried out, ensuring error-free entries. PHARMISION WOMS gives you complete control of pharma warehouse management with an intuitive dashboard that displays key highlights and intelligent reports in real-time. This allows you to achieve warehouse automation while staying up-to-date with crucial warehouse activities.

While traceability is a huge challenge in pharma manufacturing, this warehouse management system enables you to identify each item uniquely. You can keep track of each material as it passes through several stages as it maintains a link to the original batch number, which ensures complete traceability.

Another unique feature of this pharmaceutical warehouse management system is the Single Label Concept, eliminating the need for multiple labels, which is common in non-automated setups. Single Label Concept minimizes back and forth with printing stations, reduces the effort of locating, removing and placing the containers back several times for pasting multiple labels. It also gets rid of the effort required in colour coding and enables you to avoid the lag in applying labels when there is a change in quality status in a non-automated system by automatically updating the status of the material from the system in real-time. With single labels, the details of the material are automatically carried through the stages, which greatly helps to reduce errors. In an automated system, all the information about a material can be accessed simply by scanning the label at any stage. Read More...

With PHARMISION WOMS, weighing and dispensing of ingredients can be carried out electronically and accurately, as per the BOM. This makes your weighing and dispensing process much more accurate and reliable. This pharma warehouse management tool also ensures automatic data capture for each weighing transaction (from the weighing scale to the system). It compares the weight of each ingredient with the standard weight mentioned in the BOM during weighing to avoid errors. PHARMISION WOMS also ensures completeness of an operation at every stage.

This warehouse management system for pharma also comes equipped with a weighing scale calibration module. This module maintains a schedule for calibration of the multiple balances. It also has a calibration master that contains details of different balances and the standards against which they are to be calibrated. It captures the calibration electronically by mapping standard weights used versus actual output of the balance and verifies the accuracy of the calibration including the routine zero-error checks. The calibration reports are generated from the system automatically, hence separate reports and logs need not be maintained.

PHARMISION WOMS is device-agnostic, letting you access all information on mobile devices, on the spot and on the go. You can also sync information with other devices and systems, such as a laptop or a printer, as per your requirement.

This warehouse management system for pharma can be seamlessly integrated with existing ERP systems in collaboration with your team, using standard connectors and APIs, enabling two-way data exchange.

With this pharmaceutical warehouse management solution, you are guaranteed to improve your accuracy and minimize errors significantly. This boosts efficiency and prevents material loss as well as disruption of planned activity. Additionally, it allows user management control, helps maintain audit trail and compliance to regulatory guidelines, hence easing QA efforts during regulatory audits.


Developed under Good Automated Manufacturing Practice Guidelines, complying to CSV regulations that meets validation, verification and qualification requirements. PHARMISION WOMS enables complete digital identification and recording of activities, operator, sequence, material, machine with time and date stamp.



PHARMISION WOMS enables you to streamline workflows, improve traceability, increase operational efficiency and reduce cost to the company while boosting customer satisfaction. It simplifies warehouse processes and ensures sequence control while keeping all stakeholders abreast of crucial events through real-time alerts and notifications. This warehouse management system for pharma is designed to meet all regulatory guidelines, such as 21 CFR part 11 and ALCOA. With PHARMISION WOMS, you are guaranteed to reduce data integrity issues considerably.

Single Label Concept

Drastically minimize effort and reduce errors by leveraging a single label across different stages instead of the more traditional multiple-label approach. Achieve your sustainability goals by printing fewer labels and view current quality status of the material upon scanning (quarantined, approved, rejected, expired, etc.).

Real-time Dashboard

Keep an eye over all operations with the help of an intuitive dashboard that graphically displays live updates. Customize and receive real-time intelligent reports and critical alerts and customize them to suit your needs to ensure competitive advantage and smarter decision making.

Maintain Audit Trail

Capture and store data in line with ALCOA and 21 CFR Part 11 to make sure all information gathered is accurate and easy to access at any given point of time.

Sequential Control

Completely system driven ensuring workflow sequence is followed.

Seamless ERP Integration

Easy integration with ERP systems using standard connectors and APIs, enabling two-way data exchange

Weighing scale calibration program

Ensures adherence to calibration schedule and captures all data relevant to calibration process electronically. Make sure all balances are in a compliant state without the need of a single manual record of calibration.

Data Accuracy

Capture a wide range of data electronically such as material identification, weight, time, printing and people involved as and when an activity occurs.

Device Agnostic

Device-agnostic, access all information on mobile devices, on the spot and on the go. Sync information with other devices and systems, such as a laptop or a printer, as per your requirement.

Complete traceability

Every receiving unit per batch is uniquely identified, paving the way for complete traceability from material entry to dispatch of finished goods.

Aligned with your business Objectives

  • 99.9% Accuracy
  • +90% Savings on Paper Costs (labels)
  • +75% Savings on Label Costs
  • +25% Time Saving
  • Sustainability

WOMS edge

PHARMISION WOMS is designed by our panel of experts with decades of industry experience. It is a robust, modular and scalable solution equipped with an intuitive dashboard that displays incisive reports that enable business owners to make better decisions.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Error-proof
  • Ensure top-notch quality with the help of multiple levels of quality checks at different points (picking, staging, dispensing) and automated counter checks and quality status updates.
  • Ensure minimal error at every point of operation with minimal human involvement and multiple verifications across stages.
  • Keep a track of your material from receipt to dispensing with customizable real-time alerts to all stakeholders.
  • Electronic process based on FEFO / FIFO for distribution process optimization and reduced waste generation of finished products.
  • Scale Calibration and Digital Management of weighing and dispensing process that is more precise, efficient, and fail-proof.


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • Ease of Documentation for GMP
  • ALCOA+


  • Hardware & Technology Agnostic
  • Digitization & Advanced Analytics
  • Integrated Stack of IoT


  • Modular, Configurable, Robust, Scalable
  • License-based pricing, low upfront cost
  • Cloud Enabled

Key Business Advantages

Device Agnostic- Mobile, Tablet, Laptop

Access all your information, data and reports remotely from a variety of devices

Real-time Data Capture

Ensure accurate documentation of processes by capturing data live, as and when operations occur

Digitized Activity Logs

Take care of compliance risk and ensure data security by creating area and equipment e-logs to suit your SOPs.

Simplified Remote Audits

Be audit-ready at all times with instant access to all logs, reports and documents.


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