We deliver value to our customers through visibility, innovation & intelligence in their journey from production to consumption

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The world of business is seeing a fast paced evolution of technologies and their applications to better efficiency and stay competitive. Consumer behaviour has also been transforming, which has prompted companies to change their processes and business models to stay ahead. Companies today face the unique challenge of balancing speed with accuracy, breadth with depth, geographical spread with local relevance and volume with quality. Increasingly, seamless integration throughout the supply chain and real time visibility from production to the point of sale and beyond is essential for organizations to flourish.

BCI offers solutions & advanced BI tools that provide you with complete visibility of your assets and intelligence in your supply chain leading to higher value generation for you and your customers.

Our solutions are deployed in mission critical processes by some of the best organizations in the world. We integrate our solutions for seamless data exchange with all leading ERPs such as SAP, Oracle, Baan and other customized applications.

Our experienced team of professionals who have in-depth domain knowledge and deep technical skills help BCI to identify and understand customer problems and provide best solutions to address them.